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Wanbli W. Gamache

Wanbli Gamache is currently pursuing an MFA in the Film,Video, New Media, and Animation Department at The School of Art Institute of Chicago. She is a transwoman that currently works as an artist in Chicago, IL. 


    by augmenting conditions of authorship and intimacy, I make work that looks towards the audibility and legibility of the erotic image by questioning trans* media representation and provoking it through spectacle and lived experience. Using an interdisciplinary practice through performance, language, video projection, objects, and installations I combine counter-narratives that evolve from the spectacle. I transmit disembodied voices through the penetrative force of the green screen. I solidify my autonomy through directed voice to challenge self-analysis. I confront you, the viewer, and invoke empathetic responses. The audibility of my own lived experiences pull me to encompass contracts on intersections of desire, reflection, and the body as author. I seek to complicate the seductive, give voice to the alienated, and re-purpose the spectacle to embody a new authorship in non-linear excavations of the self.