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Wanbli W. Gamache


Wanbli Gamache is a new media performance artist that works through the intersections of transgender identity and media representations of erotic imagery and pornography. She explores the issues of spectacle, authorship, and intimacy within new technological transmissions of body through virtual and simulated bodies. She is an alumni of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Film, Video, New Media, and Animation Department and currently lives and works in Chicago. She has exhibited in the New Blood Performance Festival at Links Hall, Sullivan Gallery in Chicago, Zhou B Art Center, and Supernova Digital Animation Festival in Denver, Colorado.


By augmenting conditions of authorship and intimacy, I look towards the audibility and legibility of trans* media representation in erotic imagery and pornography. My work investigates the spectacle and personal vulnerability of lived experience as a transwoman. I approach these aspects embedded into my work as a format to create counteractions towards exploitation of transgender bodies. In shifting components of voice, through its materiality and language, I provoke self-analysis within the spectacle.

In combining performance, video, livestreaming, and installation work I explore the slippages of moving towards positive and empowering modes of broadcasting transgender sexuality and gender while also falling into the same exploitative structures that objectifies my own identity. My use of materials is always relevant to the context and my goal is always to manifest performances that exist as modes of storytelling and regeneration.

    In using photography and video, which carries their own specificity in power of objectification and voyuerism, I attempt to produce new outcomes of authorship. In these counter-narratives, I employ a multitude of personas to investigate sexuality, gender, and the mediation of broadcasting bodies in virtual spaces.